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Shoal Cove Subdivision

Lawrenceburg, TN

Design of streets, water lines, sewer lines, and lift station.†† Assisted with permitting applications for a 50-lot subdivision.

Smith Utility District

Smith County, TN

Preparation of funding application, design, bidding, and permitting services for an ARRA-funded project, which included 10,800 LF of 8-inch water line.

Water Tank Repair

Gordonsville/Carthage, TN

Design and observation for upgrades and painting for Highway 141 and Popes Hill Storage Tanks.†

System Mapping

Pleasant Shade/Defeated, TN

Updating of water system map for Cordell Hull Utility District.† Project included compilation of existing water line maps and plans  and GPS location of existing water system components.

Citizenís Bank

Gallatin, TN

Preparation of general site plans, drainage improvements, utility layout plan and design of utility improvements to allow for installation of water/fire service lines.†


University Medical Center Lebanon, TN

Civil site design for Ambulatory Surgery Center, including site design, drainage & utility layout, permitting assistance, and† SWPPP and Construction Observation.

Cedar Stone Bank,

Lebanon, TN

Civil site design, including rezoning, drainage, and permitting issues.† Also provided assistance with asbestos abatement bidding process.†

Payton Farms Subdivision

Lebanon, TN

Design and layout of subdivision lots and water line, design and layout of alternative septic system (STEP), design and† layout of roads, as well as permitting assistance.


Site Work

Designing the backbone of a community

A well-designed site is the beginning of a successful project

City of Lebanon

Lebanon, TN

Conducted asbestos review and coordinated abatement for a house demolition, including development of scope of work, bidding assistance, & observation of abatement activities.

Smith Utility District

Smith County, TN

Preparation of an Application for Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit for stream crossing for installation of a water line, including coordination with TDEC.†

Wetlands Delineation

Franklin, KY

Provided a mitigation plan to address impacts to USACOE jurisdictional wetlands for a dam site.†


North Nashville Development

Nashville, TN

Conducted soil and groundwater sampling as part of a† Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.

TN Attorney Generalís Office

Various Locations in TN

Assisting TDOT with right-of-way acquisitions by review and evaluation of zoning and land use issues; testimony at hearings, trials and depositions; and preparation of trial exhibits.


Private Client

Rutherford County, TN

Provided assistance with review of the impacts from an adjacent highway widening project.† Included preparation of a site report, as well as testimony at depositions.†

Private Clients

Rutherford County, TN

Assisted clients with the proposed acquisition of portions of property by MTEMC. Included preparation of a site report and testimony at depositions.†

Private Client

Gallatin, TN

Preparation of Rezoning and Conditional Use Request from the City of Gallatin, in response to our clientís request to determine feasibility of development after condemnation.


Expert Witness Services

Ensuring sustainability and compliance

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